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Simple Nutrition Tips according to Chinese Medicine

As a TCM therapist, I am regularly confronted with questions about nutrition. Due to the diet-jungle, it is sometimes difficult to understand what is healthy and beneficial for your body. That is why I've put together some easy-to-use TCM tips.

Nutrition according to the principles of Chinese medicine is not a crash diet, but more a lifestyle change. Often it is a challenge to break out of old routines. Therefore, I recommend integrating new routines step by step into everyday life. For example, you could start to integrate a warm porridge in the morning or replace cow's milk yogurt with one made of sheep's milk.

Here are some basic tips on healthy eating according to TCM:

  • Enjoy, if possible, three warm meals per day. Start the day with a hearty, cooked breakfast to get your engine running for the day. Let your digestion rest between meals and in the evenings. This way it is able to recharge for the next job ahead.

  • Reduce raw and cold foods or combine them with warm or cooked foods. For example, combine salads with a soup or another warm meal, or instead of eating a green salad, next time choose a warm vegetable- or delicious lentil salad.

  • The fresher the food, the better. Visite a local farmers market and get inspired by the fresh seasonal products.

  • Drink enough water and reduce the consumption of sweet drinks such as Coke. Avoid ice-cold drinks from the fridge.

  • Only enjoy cow's milk products in small quantities, or replace them with sheep, goats, rice or soy milk products.

  • Monitor what feels good for your body and digestion. The Chinese dietetics follows an individual approach.

"Every journey begins with the first step," said Lao Tse Tung. Use this day to build a new healthy routine into your everyday life. Enjoy the changes!

- Petra Dörflinger-

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